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Casamax provides a unique working atmosphere for all users and employees, regardless of small or large scale, with its prestigious offices, location, effective area designs, ease of transportation and infrastructure systems. Intense work pace, long shifts, endless meetings are no longer a burden, success is inevitable.

With casamax, your business potential is at its maximum.

Book your office in the new center of the city

casamax is located in one of the regions with the fastest rising development trend of Konyaaltı. 10 minutes to the world famous Konyaaltı Beach, 20 minutes to Antalya Airport. It is located next to Akdeniz University, which is one of the most important higher education institutions of the Mediterranean, and provides easy access to all the important points and connections you want to be in your city’s living space. What is left to you at casamax is to experience the advantages of living in the center of life to the maximum.

You can contact us from the contact section for our limited number of offices.


Maximum privilagesat business life are atcasamax!

Maximum privilages at business life are at casamax!